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The Kind Of Stuff We Are Made Of (Sō Percussion Reading)

The Kind Of Stuff We Are Made Of was composed while Turner was attending the 2016 Sō Percussion Summer Institute (SoSI). This composition features several of Turner's invented instruments in a more unified way. While at the institute, Turner collaborated with Sō Percussion and faculty to expand the compositional depth of his instruments and extend their use by performers. This video was recorded during the composers open reading session at SoSI. Video and sound editing by Evan Chapman.

Howled on Their Knees

Howled on Their Knees was Turner’s Senior Composition Thesis and funded by Ohio University’s 2013-14 Provost’s Undergraduate Research Fund. This work features entirely invented and constructed instruments. The instruments include a four-octave steel plate marimba, a four-octave EMT pipe marimba, a two-and-a-half-octave copper glockenspiel, multiple whirly tubes on three separate ceiling fans controlled by dimmer switches, and three string instruments called the Turner Winch.

The Space Between the Broken Bone

The Space Between The Broken Bone was commissioned by The Ohio University Wind Symphony, under the Direction of Dr. Andrew Trachsel. The composition includes several of Turner’s invented instruments, interactive electronics, and wind band. Members of Triangulus, Turner’s performance group, perform along with the wind symphony as featured soloists.


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