Turner Winches

The Turner Winches are a collection of three instruments, each varied in length. The Turner Winch has three separate lengths of piano wire strung over a board and is amplified using guitar/bass pickups. The instrument’s pitch can be manipulated by a boat winch, which adjusts the tension put on the strings, creating its iconic glissando effect.
Turner Winches used in Howled on Their Knees

Bell Plate Marimba

The bell plate marimba is a 4 octave, 10-foot-long mallet instrument created from welding steel. The steel bars are ¼” thick and create a warm, metallic sound, rich with complex overtones. 

Bell Plate Marimba used in Howled on Their Knees

Double Neck Electric Bass and Guitar

The double neck electric bass and guitar was created by merging an old Fender Stratocaster and Fender P-Bass. The instrument has separate signals for the bass and guitar so that each instrument can undergo individual electronic processing. The instrument also utilizes automatic string resonators underneath the guitar strings controlled by electromagnets wired to an amplifier, and signal kill switches. 

Video to be posted soon! 

EMT Pipe Xylophone

The EMT Pipe Xylophone is a 4 octave in range instrument made from electrical metal tubing. 

EMT Pipe Xylophone used in Howled on Their Knees

Copper Glockespiel

The copper glockenspiel is a 2.5 octave instrument made from ¼” diameter copper pipe.

 Copper Glockespiel used in Howled on Their Knees

Whirly Tube Clusters

The Whirly Tube Clusters consist of three separate ceiling fans, each with 4 whirly tubes. The fans are attached to dimmer switches, which control the speed of the fan, allowing for the changing of harmonic partials ringing through the tubes.

Whirly Tube Clusters used in Howled on Their Knees

Propane Tank Tongue Drums

A collection of eight propane tanks, each with 8 tongues. Each drum is tuned to a minor pentatonic scale to create a ringing consonance when the drum is played. The drums cycle through a chromatic scale, allowing chromaticism if combined with each other.

Propane Tank Tongue Drums used in Not Yet Right

Tuned Galvanized Steel Chimes, 2"x4", and Steel Tines

1-3/4" galvanized steel pipes, wooden 2"x4"s, and 1/2" steel tines are tuned to equal temperament and in various ranges. Each material spans an octave and can be utilized or rigged in any multiple percussion setup. 

Tuned Galvanized Steel Chimes, 2"x4", and Steel Tines used in 100 mouths full of steel and take

Chord Sticks

Two instruments which have a set of guitar strings stretched over them. The instruments feature a moveable nut on each string, which allows the instruments to have more flexible tuning compared to guitars. The chord sticks are amplified using guitar pickups and can be struck, bowed, or plucked. Instrument co-created with Jake Schlaerth.

Chord Sticks (in combination with guitars) used in weight so heavy we can barely stand

Electric Bass and Alto Kalimbas

These two kalimbas, also referred to as thumb pianos, are created by rigging steel tines over bass and guitar pickups. The mounting system can be loosened to facilitate tuning changes on each individual tine. Instrument co-created with Jake Schlaerth.

Electric Bass and Alto Kalimbas used in this untitled improvisation