D Turner Matthews
D Turner Matthews


Weight so heavy we can barely stand

weight so heave we can barely stand is the product of a collaboration between dancer and choreographer Genna Mattana and myself. The work features the use of two chord sticks, an instrument of my creation, and two electric guitars, all with distortion effects. The composition reaches a high point as a contact microphone on my throat captures a hummed melody over a backdrop of intense electrified chords played by Jake Schlaerth. The piece aims to match Genna's strong and purposeful movement and highlight her ability to maintain energy for an extended period of time.

see through places

See Through Places was my second collaboration with a Mason Gross senior dancer and choreographer, Adriana Santoro, and performance with long time collaborator Jake Schlaerth (Mason Gross Percussion Performance Student). This work highlights the mix of acoustic drums with electronic samples. The samples are triggered through contact microphones on the drums, which are activated when there are spikes in amplitude from hitting the drum. These amplitude spikes are programed to recognize rim hits, and drum head hits, allowing for two samples to be activated per drum. The composition focuses on the minute changes from Adriana's movements, her attention to detail, and rhythmic flexibility. The composition ends with a sudden explosion of energy, embracing the concept that all of ones energy could be expended in a matter of moments. 

Slinkies, cubed

Slikies, cubed was choreographed and performed by Adriana Santoro & Hyunjin Kim at The Actors Fund Arts Center presented by MACHMO NYC. The piece, How The Winch Stole Christmas, was co-composed by Triangulus members Eli Chambers, D. Turner Matthews, and Jake Schlaerth. The music features the use of my invented instrument, the Turner Winch, as well as synthesizers and drumset.

El Noordzo

In early January of 2017 I packed my van full of electronics, self invented instruments, and assorted percussion instruments upon the request of Mike Noordzy. In an old schoolhouse turned Air BnB in rural Kintnersville, PA I contributed to a soon to be released (hopefully in late May of 2017) album headed by the group El Noordzo in a two day recording marathon. During the recording session I was recorded utilizing vocals, the Turner Winch, electronics I programed in Max/MSP and Ableton live, and percussion instruments. These sounds can be heard on almost all of the tracks and the improvised interludes connecting each song. 

The recording from Soundcloud is the master track from the album, and is currently being mastered. Mike Noordzy was kind enough to let me share this unreleased album as a part of my portfolio.

Mike Noordzy - bass, sound design
Chris Welcome - guitar, synth kit
Michael Winnicki - drums, percussion
Greg Riss - percussion
Turner Matthews - turner winch, vocals, electronics, percussion
Jake Schlaerth - synths, electronics, bass and alto electronic                                  kalimbas, percussion
Jon Francis - violin
Anthony Ware - alto saxophone
Jonathan Moritz - tenor and soprano saxophone
David Freeman - tabla, percussion

Pixel art Miniatures

I recently composed this miniature to accompany a short animation created by visual artsist Keegan Kaya McGee. This piece was created as a starting point to an ongoing collaboration to make more animations with music and eventually an indie video game created by Keegan. The video is meant to me looped, constantly repeating the musical phrase.